Ruze shoes VIP Rewards program

How do rewards work?

Ruze shoes VIP program is 100% free

Currently, the VIP rewards program is by invitation only.

As a VIP rewards member, you will receive 5% off all of your purchase automatically, no coupon needed EVER!

Example: When we run a promotion for Black Friday you can use the Black Friday coupon (ie 15% off) and you will receive you 5% in addition to that, so your total discount will be 20% total.

To become a Ruze Shoes VIP Rewards Member, you must be invited and you have tp fill out the form below.

VIP Rewards Program is a Pilot program. We are only allowing the first 50 users that are invited to join. Space is limited.

Fill out the two-step form to become a Ruze Shoes VIP rewards member.

Thank you for trusting Ruze Shoes with all of your footwear needs.

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