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Ruze Shoes was born and raised in Southern California. As a leading Internet retailer of men's shoes, we are considered the man cave of shoe websites. Ruze Shoes provides 100% authentic footwear at competitive prices while providing great customer service. As an independent shoe retailer, Ruze Shoes has strongly followed the company mission to grow into a thriving business by providing the best customer service while being a pioneer in the shoe industry.

Ruze Shoes was built from the ground up starting off as a business venture in the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, California. We started selling high-end brands in the store and made the decision to move completely online. Now a strong e-commerce website, Ruzeshoes.com has grown in many ways. In October 2012, Ruze Shoes moved into a larger building to accommodate the growing inventory, offices and new showroom. In late 2014, we revamped the website to a more modern look and added new technology.

Ruze Shoes cares about giving everyone the ultimate shopping experience. Give us a call or stop buy our showroom and we'd love to help you find your staple shoe to last you years, or the find you the everyday fit that'll get you through the next 6 months.

Keep connected with us to talk about shoes, concerns, and feedback. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or shoot us an email at info@ruzeshoes.com.

-Ruze Shoes
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